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Export partnership project - Helping Finnish companies start and do business in Australia and New Zealand. Export Partnership is a cooperation project of eleven Finnish small and medium companies heading to a selected target market. Main goal is to increase sales of participating companies by starting new or expanding existing business in Australia


Advanced Aged Care Solutions Click here to see the companies

Ageing populations set new requirements for efficient and cost effective way of taking care of our senior citizens. Finland is recognized as one of the leading countries in aged care area. Participating companies provide user-friendly information systems to assist elderly care and indepenent living. Strength training is an important part of preventing falls and increasing the quality of life for elderly. With the help of advanced eHealth and telemedicine solutions you are able to promote independent living longer. Enable better care via these innovative solutions.


Health & Wellbeing Click here to see the companies

Collaborating with leading healthcare professionals, focusing on customer needs and maintaining innovative leadership add up to these advanced solutions that make a difference.
Common focus is to offer user-friendly and easy to use solutions for special niche markets. Top quality ensures the best results for caring and personal training.


ICT Click here to see the companies

Nokia – Finland's largest company – has lead the way for innovative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) boom in Finland. Finland has now one of the world's most sophisticated ICT infrastructure and application development environments. Finland provides ideal conditions for the innovative development and deployment of ICT solutions and applications. See further link into dedicated ICT solutions and vendors being involved in our Australian Export partnership today.

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